Curbside Schedule and Information

Curbside pickup schedule


If you are looking for your curbside schedule for trash and/or recycling, please enter your address into the Calendar tool under the “Calendar” tab. This will generate your schedule for you, show you a calendar with the option to print one as well, will give you the option to sign up for reminders, and give you the ability to import into your existing calendars.


You can also use the “Got Trash?” tab to find out where to dispose of different types of waste. 


If you have previously input an address, the calendar remembers that for you. To change what address you are searching for, just click on the gray address section to input a new address.


Bulky items are defined as “household appliances, furniture, Christmas trees, bicycles, toys, and tree limbs (less than 6 feet in length and less than 6 inches in diameter bundled).” If you would like your appliances or other larger items removed from your home, please call Republic Services (435) 628-2821 to schedule a Bulky Item Pick-up. All items that qualify as Bulky items will be removed at no charge.

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Give Back to Your Community
by Recycling

The money collected from your recycling is given 100% back to the cities and towns that make up Washington County for community enhancement projects.

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