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WCSW is your home for all your waste management needs. We work with residents and commercial entities throughout the county to provide the best services for you no matter where you live. We make an effort to give you low costs for high-quality services. Our goals are to inform you of our recycling opportunities, educate our youth to be good stewards, and provide you with tangible benefits. Additionally, we want our services to be convenient for you.

We’ve been in the service of Washington County for over 40 years. It’s our privilege to provide you with the best waste management services and recycling opportunities possible. Let’s work together to preserve our future.


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Discover Our Various Recycling Programs in Your City

From our BluCan Program to our innovative Binnie Program, we’ve got your recycling covered.

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Put Your Green Waste to Good Use

We can take your green waste which we then process into compost.

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Let Us Take Care of Your Household Hazardous Waste

We hold Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Collection Days throughout the year for free!

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