Batteries, Electronics, & Appliances

How to Recycle Electronics and Appliances

For electronics, we currently have a recycle bin for computer towers, printers, and laptops. Call for any other items you may have. Another option is to check with Best Buy and Staples to learn about their take-back programs. Appliances that contain Freon are required to have a certificate of evacuation to comply with EPA regulations. Businesses can bring in an appliance with a certificate of evacuation free of charge. WCSW will accept appliances from businesses with or without a certificate of evacuation for a fee of $35.88, residents may bring in an appliance with or without the certificate at no charge. When it comes to batteries, it depends on the type as to how to recycle it.

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Car Batteries

Residents and commercial entities may bring out car batteries free of charge to the landfill. Make sure to tell the scale house operators as you enter the landfill and they will direct you to the proper drop off location.

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Rechargeable Batteries

A drop box for rechargeable batteries and cell phones is located in the scale house at the landfill. This material is sent to a nonprofit organization that recycles the material.

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Alkaline Batteries

The landfill does not have a specific drop off for these types of batteries. Currently, these are thrown out with your regular garbage.

Give Back to Your Community
by Recycling

The money collected from your recycling is given 100% back to the cities and towns that make up Washington County for community enhancement projects.

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