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Our Compost Program

Our composting program allows green waste to be recycled into mulch. It becomes a great soil amendment to mix in with your soil before landscaping or planting a garden. We accept chippable, non-toxic green waste at the Washington County Landfill for our compost pile. Other yard waste is accepted, but not as part of our composting program.


No semi-truck loads of compost will be sold until further notice. Please bring smaller vehicles for compost purchases. Thank you.

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What to

Traditional compost materials include grass clippings, leaves, and small tree branches.

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What NOT
to Compost

Please don’t mix in palm fronds or oleanders because they do not compost well. Additionally, avoid any viney plants, large branches, and any animal products.

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Purchasing Compost
from Us

You can buy compost from the landfill, subject to availability. Compost is $42.03/ton and woodchips are $26.27/ton.

Give Back to Your Community
by Recycling

The money collected from your recycling is given 100% back to the cities and towns that make up Washington County for community enhancement projects.

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