Saving Our World, One Item at A Time

We want a sustainable world, and the first step to achieving that is through recycling. We have two key recycling programs established in our county to help achieve that goal: BluCan Curbside Recycling and Binnie Recycling. Please do not place your items to be recycled in bags—they should be placed in the bins as separate items. Placing items that we cannot recycle only increases our costs to process the materials. Thank you for being diligent in recycling what the markets will allow.

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Binnie Recycling Program

Residents can deposit their recyclables into over 20 designated “binnie” sites throughout the county. Binnies have separate containers to accept glass, paper, plastic, and metal.

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Convenient For You, Good For The Earth

We’ll pick up your BluCan from your curbside, and our binnies are open 24/7 in several locations close to you, so you never have to go far to recycle.

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BluCan Curbside Program

BluCans are a great service you can opt into for recycling everyday household items. Learn more about our BluCan Curbside Program here..

Binnie Locations

Apple Valley


Apple Valley Fire Station


Dixie Deer Station

Located at the transfer station in Central.


Dixie Deer Station

Binnies are located at the new collection station in Central.

Diamond Valley

Diamond Valley

Located near mailboxes across from firestation.

Dammeron Valley

Mail Box Site

Located next to community mailboxes near the firestation.


Post Office Site

14 Main Street


Dirt Lot Site

400 South 700 West


Near Harrisburg Monument

Across street from Harrisburg monument


Rodeo Grounds Site

780 North 200 West



parking lot of Wal-Mart in Hurricane.


City Office Site

Behind City Office next to park.



200 East 555 South in Ivins at gas station on dirt lot.

La Verkin

City Park

Located near LaVerkin park dirt lot off of state street


Walton Plaza

Dirt lot south of Walton Plaza

New Harmony

Cemetary Site

3 way intersection by cememtary


Center Street Site

West side of Center Street off of SR-9

St. George

Bloomington Park Site

This site is no longer available due to changes in the park.

St. George

Boulevard Home Furnishing Site

Parking lot by loading docks

St. George

Bloomington Wal-Mart

Located next to carwash in Wal-Mart parking lot.

St. George

Dixie State College Site

“DXACT Parking lot NW corner”


Dirt Lot Site

Off of Lion’s Blvd. past Town Hall and park.

Santa Clara

Gubler Park Site

Southest corner of parking lot

St. George


Located in the parking in between Walgreen’s and the fuel center on St. George Blvd.

St. George

New Smiths Mall Drive

Located in the parking lot of the new smiths grocery on mall drive


Post Office Site

Next to post office in fenced off area


To Be Announced

Please contact (435) 673-2813 with any questions or concerns.


Waste Collection Site

Located at the new Waste collection site on 300 N Kolob Terrace Rd.


Landfill Site

At public drop off area next to scale house


Green Springs Site

Parking lot of Green Springs Club House

Winchester Hills

No Site available

Please contact (435) 673-2813 with any questions or concerns.


Washington City Rec Center

On the NE side of the Washington City Rec Center in the parking lot at the corner of Washington Rec Center Dr. and Bulloch.



915 W Redcliffs Drive Southeast section of parking lot near Harbor freight and the bookstore.